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Science news

More opportunities for professional training in Japan
27.05.2015 02:29
According to Chung, present, school skills Assessment Center and business relations, company training and human resource supply specialized
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The creation of the robot welding of fillet weld lines
22.05.2015 03:14
On 18/09 HCMC Department of Science and Technology to conduct acceptance test production project "Design, fabrication of robotic welding lines fillet weld using MIG welding machine" by Dr. Nguyen Tan Tien (Center Facilities design and manufacture of...
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Application of laser in engineering
22.05.2015 03:03
In the field of manufacturing machine tools, laser technology also plays an important role. Thanks to clean cut edges, weld delicate ...
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Designing automatic welding system only load the ship
22.05.2015 03:01
Information Center of Science and Technology carried out the evaluation of information related to materials research topic "Designing automatic welding system only load the ship" by the Center for Science and Technology Development young presided...
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New invention: Bowls motorcycle fuel economy
22.05.2015 02:57
After a long period of research and testing, Limited Liability Company production - trade - service Hung Phat Lam officially launched the new product patent: save gas motorcycle forks (run out 36 tooth). This product has been granted Intellectual...
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Dung Quat Shipyard: Close largest tankers Vietnam
22.05.2015 02:54
Dung Quat Shipyard, Quang Ngai, struggling to keep Vessel loading tankers 104,000 tons in 6/2009.
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