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Designing automatic welding system only load the ship

Information Center of Science and Technology carried out the evaluation of information related to materials research topic "Designing automatic welding system only load the ship" by the Center for Science and Technology Development young presided over and KS. Thuy Le Hong Loan, Nguyen Hoai Phuong is the Manager. Within the scope of accessible information sources, Information Center has the following opinion:
In addition to the documents listed in the survey information, there are also documents and studies related to every aspect of content topics, namely:
1. The invention:
· KR20070066247. The system and method for the data file of welding tạo mà location at bow and stern nhãn using automatic welding robot mark: System and method for positioning data marked with robot welding, 2007.
· KR100684618B. Mark automation welding device: Welding equipment marked automatically, 2007.
· KR100684614B. Mark automatic welding robot and control method thereof: Welding Robot automatic marking and control approach it, in 2007.
· KR100683838B. The handling device of automatic welding robot mark: Equipment for marking Automatic welding robot cell types, 2007.
· CN2834769Y. 90 Degree rotary side wall connection bar positioning mechanism for bench mark of entire automobile welding gear: mechanism of connection bars rotate 90 degrees used to locate next of geodetic benchmark in welding cars, 2006.
· KR20050080988. Equipment for automatic welding of mark: Welding equipment marked automatically, 2005.
· KR20060038073. Control apparatus and method of welding machine mark mà torch moved by crossing coordinates: equipment and welding methods mark the beginning of welding machines that can be moved cross-conjugated, 2006.
· KR20060038048. Mark welding apparatus: Welding equipment marking, 2005.
· KR20060037993. Mark welding apparatus and control method: welding equipment marking and its control method, 2005.
· KR20010027904. Device for welding draft mark: Welding equipment marked outline, 2001.
· JP2005003473. Visual inspection method for welding mark: Solution check when welding mark 2005.
· JP2004230647. Method and apparatus for welding fabric for mark: Method and welders mark in 2004.
· CN1410324. Welding wire automatic printing machine for welding wire spray spray having printed mark or character: Inkjet Automatic welding wire and welding wire inkjet marker with its features, 2004
· JP2002267420. Size measuring method for laser welding mark: Methods of measuring the size of laser welding mark 2002.
· CN1098037. Method and device for welding metals with Welded seam tự having no burn mark: Method and metal welding equipment automatically with advantages no trace of fire, 1995.
· JP6093371. Quenched and tempered steel high tension heat input welding for large excellent weldability and jig site in cracking resistance and its production mark: Solution of steels in pressure and rapid cooling when temperatures are high to help trace jig increased tolerance containers (not broken) and the solutions applied products which, in 1994.
· JP6049586. High tensile strength steel for large heat input welding site weldability and excellent in cracking resistance and its mark jig production: Solution of steels in pressure while at high temperatures to help trace jig increased stamina (not broken) and products including application solutions, in 1994.
· CN200939530Y. Tip of heat exchanger and mark for welding seam cutter: Tips to cut the seal and welded heat exchanger, 2007.
2. Book:
· Electroslag welding and surfacing: Korea Electric and exterior decorations. Author: B. E. Paton, TOTO LTD source. (Japan), 1983
· Welding handbook Vol.2 - Welding processes: Welding Lexicon Episode 2 - The welding process. Author: R.L. O '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' Brien. Source: American Welding Society, 1991
3. Documentation:
· Dana Makes mark with welding process: Methods marked Dana during welding. Author: Edmund Chew. Source: Automotive News, 2000
· Fire and Water: Students learn about underwater welding OCTC: Fire and Water: The OCTC students learn about how underwater welding. Author: Joy Campbell. Source: Messenger-Inquirer (Owensboro, KY), 2007
· Welding accident suspected in fire on warship in yard: Navy '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' s being built in Marinette Freedom: The welding accidents aboard ships suspected by fire an unsafe distance: the investigation of navy freedom in Marinette. Author: Katherine M. Skiba Source: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, 2007
· Spark from welding torch starts fire at McLeod Center: Solutions ignition center in McLeod welding primer. Author: Emily Christensen. Source: Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier, 2007
· In wake of downtown fire, new city requires permit Last fall, a worker using a blowtorch to remove old paint ignited a blaze ruined part of a building mà on Centre Square: Any person using a blowtorch or other tool welding construction project in the get phải OK: a worker using blowtorch to burn off old paint in a dilapidated building being renovated seared both a commercial area in the central square, from which the city government has to request any any one person using a blowtorch or other welding tools in the construction project must also have a new type of license. Author: William J. Ford Source: Morning Call, The (Allentown, PA), 2007
· Welding sparked fire Glenham: aside from scorched earth, little property damage báo: Report on the harm small side issue of Welding fire ignition Glenham style. Author: Angela Mettler. Source: American News (Aberdeen, SD), 2006
· Welding rodeo theme introduces water this weekend: 20 teams Compete; Sculptures will beauctioned off: Welding Rodeo will be introduced along with this week's theme of water: there are 20 teams competing; Sculpture paintings will be put up for auction. Author: Lei Serena. Source: BellinghamHerald, The (Bellingham, WA), 2006
· Vibration welding of wood: X-ray tomography, Additives, radical concentration: Solutions vibration wave soldering wood combined with X-ray radiation focused format. Author: S. Wieland, Bozhang Shi, A. Pizzi, Properzi M., Stampanoni M., R. Abela, Xiaoning Lu, Pichelin F. Source: Forest Products Journal, 2005
· New synchrowave tig welding tigrunners offer complete systems in one package: synchronous wave TIGRunners Solutions will help improve the system on the product TIG welding. Source: Fleet Equipment, 2001
· Laser / blown gas for welding at 500 simulated-meter Depths: Laser / simulation inflatable types of welding at 500 meters depth. Author: Leonard Le Blanc. Source: Offshore, 1997
· Pipe purging for welding of alloys, stainless steels: The clean welding rod used for welding alloys, stainless steel. Author: Ron Sewell. Source: Offshore, 1996
· Plasma process for automated welding effective at 3,000 ft Depths: The solution is very effective plasma welding automatically at a depth of 3,000 feet. Author: Leonard LeBlanc. Source: Offshore, 1995
1. The subject of the research:
· Research, welding technology enhanced muscle recovery surfactants Robot application. Responsible agencies: Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering, 2005.
· Research the technology overview and welding equipment for plasma-cutting energy use is made of water and alcohol 40 °. Sponsoring agency: Institute of Technology (Ministry of Industry), 2005.
· Research, design, manufacture DC arc welding machine uses programmable microcontroller, achieving flow soldering to 120A. Chairman: Eng. Nguyen Van Thong. Sponsoring agency: Technology Institute (MOI), 2006.
· Look at building high-tech welding process under the drug class and tests on samples. Chairman: Eng. Nguyen Gia Vinh. Sponsoring agency: General TC-DL-CL, 2006.
· Application method TIG.MIG welding stainless steel welding technology to create products catering to the health sector and civil. By Nguyen Hoang Son.Co managing agency: Institute machinery manufacturing industry, 2001.
· Improving production technologies of high quality welding materials for shipbuilding - Logbook. Chairman Tran Quang Vu. Sponsoring agency: Nam Trieu Shipbuilding Company CNghiep, 2006.
2. thesis:
· Look up automatic welding technology beneath melting non - alloy: Thesis PTS. By Nguyen Van Thong, 1986.
3. Book:
· Manual material consumption rate and electrical energy in welding. Author: Hoang Tung. Publisher: Science and Technology, 2001.
· The method of welding and machine parts up recovery. By Nguyen Van Thong, 1984.
· FAQs electric welding. Author: Tran Huu Tuong, Nguyen Nhu Tu Tran Huu Tuong. Publisher: Science and Technology, 1987.
· Welding Handbook. Author: Hoang Tung Ngo Le Thong, Chu Van Khang. Publisher: Science and Technology, 1993.
· Welding steel and cast iron. Author: Tran Huu Tuong, Nguyen Nhu Tu, Nguyen Thuc Ha, Tran Huu Tuong, Nguyen Tang Long. Publisher: Science and Technology, 1985.
· The method of welding and machine parts up recovery. By Nguyen Van Thong. Publisher: Science and Technology, 1984.
· Welding Engineering and metalworking. Author: Xocolop II, Sokolov II, Pham Van Nhuan Nguyen Van Nhien. Magazine: H. Technical Workers, 1984.
· Welding metal and ferrous alloys. Author: Tran Huu Tuong, Nguyen Nhu Tu, Nguyen Tang Long. Publisher: Science and Technology, 1985.
· Materials and welding technology. By Nguyen Van Thong. Publisher: Science and Technology, 1998.
· Manual 2nd Print han.- repair supplements. Author: Hoang Tung, Nguyen Thuc Ha, Ngo Le Thong, Chu Van Khang. Publisher: Science and Technology, 1998.
· Special Welding Technique = T. 3. industrial installations. Author: Jang Hyun Soon, Pham Minh Hai, Tran Van Dich - School of Engineering Industry of Vietnam-Korea. Source: Labour, Social Affairs, 2001.
· Seminar "welding technology in Vietnam the situation and solutions". Source: The Directorate for Standards and Quality, 1999.
· Welding Technology Curriculum: Theory and Application: Books for the secondary schools system professionally. By Nguyen Thuc Ha and Bui Van Hanh Vo Van Phong. Publisher: Education - 4th Edition, 2006.
· Welding Handbook. Author: Dr. Hoang Tung (ch.b.), Nguyen Thuc Ha, Ngo Le Thong. Publisher: Science and Technology - In the 6th, 2006.
· Electric melting Welding Technology: curriculum for engineering students of the training system. Author: Ngo Le Thong. Publisher: H. Science and Technology - In the 2nd, 2007.
· The principles of welding technology. Author: LM Gourd, interpreters Vo Tran Song Nha. Publisher: Nxb.Hai Division, 2003.
· Metal Welding Technology. Author: Pham Van Ty. Publisher: Publisher. Haiphong.