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Measure laser

Qiaokun Huang, the Chinese, has designed a compact metric distance, convenient and accurate. It is a measure of laser- beam Red Point Measure. When you want to measure the distance between two points, the reporter laser from 2 meter to that point. Distances is displayed on the computer screen.
The operating principle of the machine is very simple: The distance from machine to each point is determined by the laser, the angle created by two straight lines which are automatically identified. Based on these indicators and the mathematical formula for the triangle will easily be the result of the distance to be measured. With conventional measure, it is very difficult if not measuring point in place with or between two points to be measured with obstacles. Red Point Measure for very accurate results, even when measuring long distance. If you want to know the measurements of distances in the house to repair or to arrange furniture and fit, beautiful, the laser will measure this job becomes extremely simple.