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More opportunities for professional training in Japan

According to Chung, present, school skills Assessment Center and business relations, company training and human resource supply specialized help students in the learning process to have access to productive enterprises in practice , is set, the orientation is in the learning process ... During the study, if they wish, students may register for the program trainees in Japan with relatively high income levels, to be equipped foreign language experience working together. After returning home, completing formal training program, they are easily big companies receive. Many large companies have hiring, scholarship, training their technology in-time learning students.
Income of this sector depends heavily on competence and their dedication to the company. Typically, new students graduated, wages in domestic firms is 6-7 million / month, foreign firms have averaged over 10 million. After some time, depending on the struggle, wages may be higher. Mr. Chung admitted, studied Mechanical Engineering was dry. Metalworking industry development based on the foundation of basic science plus specific product sectors are machinery and equipment serving the engineering sciences as well as social life. The majority of engineering products have strict requirements, otherwise will cause disaster for the people as well as huge economic losses. Therefore, requires the design and manufacture of these products outside of the knowledge and skills necessary to correct, with discipline at work.
Currently, the needs of human society on the great mechanics, because the country is in the process of industrialization - modernization. Demand for machinery, equipment, vehicles require more human resources for general mechanical engineering and manufacturing technology in particular. Currently, some universities with training in mechanics. However, the industry training programs of Hanoi Industrial University was built under the framework of the Ministry of Education and Training. Overall, no significant differences in curriculum industries Hanoi Industrial University with equal branches of other large universities. The difference here is the close cooperation with practice theory. Therefore, students of Mechanics of Hanoi Industrial University was praised for carrying capacity, discipline, work efficiency.
Thuy Truc